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子Worm、椪柑Shaolin、米尼帽Minimo四人。2008年時成 立了台
灣第一個線上塗鴉教學論壇,2015年變更成為IWM的官 方網站。團
隊主要作品大多數是以噴漆罐為主,在不同材質 的牆面上作畫,與
商業空間或是當地特色等題材做結合,各 式風格均有涉獵;不僅台
灣大部分縣市都有過我們的作品足 跡,有時受邀至台灣以外的地方
進行塗鴉,也陸續與畫廊有 展覽的合作關係。


IWM Graffiti Artist, found in 1999, is currently comprised of Iron, Worm,
Shaolin, and Minimo. The first online teaching graffiti forum in Taiwan 
was established by IMW in 2008, and changed to IMW’s official website in
2015. IWM specializes in panting on the walls of different materials with
spray paint cans, combining local specialties with commercial space, and
covering a diversity of styles. IMW’s art work was not only seen in most
of the cities in Taiwan, we are also frequently invited to other countries
to showcase our art work. We also partner with couple galleries for 

,為台灣第一間以塗鴉為營業項目的公司至今。除了 塗鴉彩繪外,
我們為了追求更細膩的作品與品質的呈現,也增 進了電腦繪圖的製
作。諸如烤漆、噴筆、牆面工法、3D畫作等 相關專業技術,我們也
與現有的塗鴉技術做結合。嘗試將作品 的特色與品質完美兼顧。

Iron Design Art Co.,Ltd.,founded by Iron and Worm in 2013,is the first
company specializing in graffiti art ever since. In addition to graffiti
art, we continuously purse a more delicate presentation and high quality
so expand our business to computer graphic design, paint job,airbrush,
wall construction method, 3D painting and other related expertise.We
incorporate the existing graffiti techniques to find a perfect balance
between the character and the quality of art work and design.


電話:06-2360373 ( 0929522238虫子/ 0928720463小鐵 )

For inquiries or partnership, please contact us:

Iron Design Art Co.,Ltd
Mobile: 0929522238 (Worm) / 0928720463 (Iron)
Tel: 06-2360373
Fax: 06-2363412
Email: iwmiron1@gmail.com
Address: No. 70, Ln. 305, Dongfeng Rd. North Dist., Tainan City, 704, Taiwan 




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